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Aldec Riviera-PRO™ UVM-Generator

Riviera-PRO™ has been enhanced with an automatic UVM generator function The addition promises to significantly increase the productivity of Riviera PRO users who take advantage of the Universal Verification Methodology, which provides guidance for creating and reusing verification testbenches.

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01 Dec. 2020

eVision Systems Announces Revolutionary New Cross Protocol & Logic Analyser for Embedded Systems from Prodigy Technovations

25. Sept. 2020

eVision Systems announces 100BaseT1 Automotive Ethernet Protocol Analyzer from Prodigy Technovations

14 May. 2020

eVision Systems and Allice Messtechnik sign distribution agreement for Ikalogic

08 May. 2019

eVision Systems announces the UFS 3.1 Protocol Analyzer from Prodigy Technovations

22. Nov. 2019

eVision Systems announces the MIPI I3C Exerciser and Protocol Analyzer from Prodigy Technovations

22 Oct. 2019

eVision Systems announces Total Phase’s Advanced Cable Tester v2 with many new features

21. Oct 2019

Agnisys at DVCon Europe: Unveiling test sequence generator for RISC-V cores and SoCs

18. Oct 2019

Aldec introduces hybrid co-verification platform for ASIC/SoC projects and automated FPGA partitioning software

18. Oct 2019

Totalphase USB as a power distribution system

18. Sept 2019

eVision Systems and Prodigy Technovations sign distribution agreement

21. Oct 2019

Free training licences for HDL for FPGA and ASIC developments

17. Jun 2019

eVision Systems and PEmicro sign distribution agreement for debug and ISP programming tools

18. Sept 2019

Sigasi further improves engineering productivity with Studio XPRT

19. Jun 2017

Sigasi extends hardware description language support with SystemVerilog

07. Dec 2016

Zynq-based TySOM™ kit from Aldec provides verification support for embedded applications

20. Dec 2016

eVision Systems GmbH announces support for Total Phase’s %22USB Power Delivery Analyzer%22 in Data Center Software Release 6.7

01. Okt 2016

eVision System introduces the latest addition to the Total Phase Aardvark software, the most affordable and comprehensive solution for programming EEPROMs and Flash memory.

23. Sept 2016

New Optical Single Link Video Transmission from AIVION for Block Cameras

01. Oct. 2021

eVision Systems GmbH announces world’s first working and tested UFS4.0 M-PHYSM, UniPro® and UFS4.0 Protocol Analyzer from Prodigy Technovations