Zynq-based TySOM™ kit from Aldec provides verification support for embedded applications

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The TySOM Embedded Development Kit is suitable for embedded developers who need a platform with powerful RTL simulation and debugging for the development of sophisticated embedded applications in IoT, automation technology, drones, automotive technology, robotics and image recognition.

Forstinning 07. December 2016 –eVision Systems presents the TySOM Embedded Development Kit at Embedded World 2017. The kit has the following features and benefits:

The Zynq Development Board contains a programmable FPGA and dual ARM® Cortex-A9 cores. This board is a complete solution for embedded developers building complex systems with custom RTL and embedded applications. The board is equipped with communication interfaces (miniPCIe, Ethernet, USB, Pmod, JTAG), multimedia interfaces (HDMI, audio, CMOS camera), memory (DDR3, uSD) and an expansion interface via FMC.

Support for the Xilinx® Vivado ™ and SDK ™ development flows. The Zynq oriented hardware design is created in Vivado and simulated using Riviera-PRO as the target simulator. The software applications created in the SDK are executed on the TySOM board as real FPGA implementation or Linux-based applications. Through Aldec’s “Xilinx TCL Store” integration app, the collaboration between Riviera-PRO and Vivado takes place.

Pre-installed Ubuntu Embedded host reference design. The TySOM board can be converted into a full-featured Linux box by the user. On it, complex Linux applications can be compiled and executed and the basics of the most important Linux concepts and frameworks can be learned. The reference design includes hardware (Vivado design) and software (Linux setup) support for other peripherals used with the TySOM board.

eVision Systems’ extensive portfolio of measurement and test equipment, FPGA development tools, and services will also be on display at the show.

For more information, visit the eVision Systems stand 4-560, 14-16 March 2017, at Embedded World in Nuremberg.

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