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eVision Systems GmbH helps you with questions around the development of projects based on microelectronic devices like FPGA and ASIC.

For almost 20 years, we have been supporting our customers not only with innovative tools but also with training, support and Know-How. Today we are the central point of contact for everything concerning FPGA, ASIC design and system debugging. From the system specification of the HW/SW interfaces to the creation and verification of HDL codes for FPGA and ASIC projects to prototyping, we offer solutions from our highly specialized partners.

Since embedded systems include FPGAs as well as microcontrollers, we offer our support for their development & prototyping with programming devices, and debuggers as well as with suitable measurement and test equipment.

System specification

While the procedure for developing FPGAs and ASICs is relatively clearly defined nowadays (creation of HDL code, simulation, synthesis, place&route, etc.), there is an unmanageable number of different procedures and completely different tools on the system level. However, two aspects seem to us to be of central importance: the capture and management of the requirements and the description of the HW/SW interface.

evision Systems GmbH - System specification
eVision Systems GmbH - Hardware development

Hardware development

Today, microelectronic components such as ASICs or FPGAs are usually developed using hardware description languages such as VHDL or Verilog. In order to save unnecessary time and costs, a development process is needed that detects errors in time. We offer various tools for efficient chip development, ranging from intelligent editing systems to static code checkers and simulators. We mainly work with smaller focused EDA vendors that fill gaps in the known design flows or offer new, innovative approaches.

Software development

After a microcontroller application is specified and the code is written, the next step is to test the code in the target system. A good development tool environment is important to reduce overall development time. Users want to debug their application program under conditions that match the actual setup of their system. For this reason, the ability to debug a user program in a real target system is required. The tools and methods provided here by eVision Systems help you reduce the complexity of application & product testing.

eVision Systems GmbH - Software development
eVision Systems Commissioning


As soon as SoC, FPGAs, ASIC or microcontrollers are put into operation on a board, extensive tests have to be performed. This includes measuring the relevant voltages, observing the signal lines, and analyzing the protocols used on the system. In our online store, we offer various laboratory devices from oscilloscopes to protocol analyzers to support you during the commissioning of your systems.


Often different prototypes are used during the development phase before the final integration into the system. We distinguish here different types of prototypes: Prototyping of an ASIC on one or more FPGAs, prototyping of only once programmable FPGAs on pin-compatible multiple programmable FPGA solutions and using ready FPGA based boards for software and HDL development at a time when no PCB is available yet.

eVision Systems Prototyping
evision Systems Video systems

Video systems

For 10 years, we offer FPGA based video products under the brand name AIVION in cooperation with Visual Communication Systems GmbH. Our common long term experience in the FPGA market led to a wide range of ready to use FPGA based video products for the integration of industrial cameras and the transmission of video data.



Checking AXI connections with ALINT-PRO and Riviera-PRO

AXI has become the most popular internal bus protocol with today’s FPGA and SoC FPGA designs. ALINT-PRO enables FPGA designers to extract, review and statically verify AXI bus interfaces. In addition, ALINT-PRO can assist with automatic generation of test harnesses...

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embedded world 2023

From March 14 to 16, embedded world in Nuremberg will once again be open to visitors. At booth 4-548 of eVision Systems, we look forward to meeting everyone who wants to learn about our many new innovations!

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