UVM Register Model Generation

System RDL and IP-XACT Compiler

Automatically generate UVM Sequences

Advanced SoC Verification Tool

Agnisys Inc. – Automation of SOC, ASIC, FPGA and IP Specification

Save valuable project time and resources by automatically generating many types of design and verification files from technical specifications.

Agnisys Inc. has developed a suite of specification automation products and solutions that streamline the generation of the required design, software, verification, validation, and documentation files for semiconductor development directly from executable specifications. This saves your IP and chip development teams time and effort several times throughout a project. Whenever a specification changes for any reason, all output files are updated so that all teams remain at the same level.

Agnisys is thus a leading provider of Electronic Design Automation software for solving complex design and verification problems in system development. The products provide a common, specification-driven development flow for describing registers and sequences for System-on-Chip and IPs (Intellectual Property), enabling faster design, verification, firmware, and validation. Agnisys is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, and has R&D centers in the United States and India.

Agnisys Solutions Span

Applications that cover the entire IC development process

Agnisys IDesignSpec Suite provides specification automation solutions that benefit every team in your SoC or IP project.

Designers, verification engineers, embedded programmers, pre-silicon validation engineers, and the post-silicon lab team all automatically generate the files they need from the executable specifications. These files contain documentation that your technical writers can use directly in user manuals.

All teams in your project benefit from the Agnisys solution. Each automatically generated file replaces the manual coding. Any revised file created when the specification changes eliminate the need for manual updating effort. Each step in your project plan happens sooner and consumes far fewer valuable human resources.

Automation of IP and SoC development

Agnisys has expanded its original focus on register automation to encompass specification-driven design, verification, embedded programming, validation, and documentation of IPs and SoCs This expansion is a testament to Agnisys growth and the many challenges semiconductor development teams face.

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