eVision Systems and Allice Messtechnik sign distribution agreement for Ikalogic

Germany – 14 May 2020 – eVision Systems GmbH, signs distribution agreement with Allice Messtechnik for Ikalogic S.A.S. products. Ikalogic is a provider of innovative logic analysis solutions that are unique in the variety of protocols that can be interpreted*. The two flagship products are the SQ and SP logic analyser series.
The logic analysers are connected to the host PC via USB and enable high frequency signals to be analysed and processed. Due to the high transmission speed of the USB interface, sampled data is streamed directly to the PC and buffered in the abundant working memory there. This allows the user to analyse logs for hours without interruptions.

Ikalogic’s product portfolio highlight is the SP209i logic analyser, whose logic channels can be multiplexed with dedicated industrial inputs and thus connected directly to RS232, RS485, CAN and LIN buses. The SP209i’s logic analyser and protocol decoder provide a detailed analysis of logic signals and protocols with a timing resolution of 200 MHz (5 ns). The 9-channel operation enables the acquisition of 8-bit parallel data together with a clock or strobe signal.
With ScanaStudio, Ikalogic offers a free logic analyser software. The intuitive operation makes it easy to debug any firmware or software without tedious pre-configuration. In addition, Ikalogic offers its users an extensive library of scripts covering all common protocols.

Tobias Schoeppner, eVision System’s Portal Manager commented on the conclusion of the distribution agreement with Ikalogic S.A.S.: “As a one-stop shop around protocol analysis, we have set ourselves the goal of offering a solution for every common protocol. With the Logic Analyzers from Ikalogic, we complete our range with affordable devices.

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