To support our customers in further stages of development, our programmers are compatible with a wide range of development environments. The module can be programmed on the circuit board (in-system) or in a socket. In addition to extensive programming functions, numerous debugging functions are available to test the developed code before programming and to correct errors. Our programmers support all common memory types, including microcontrollers.

Multilink Series

JTAG programmer with debugging functions that support all MCUs with ARM architecture as well as all NXP, Renesas and other MCU device families.

Cyclone Series

JTAG standalone programmer for production, with automatization functions. Supports all families equal to the Multilink series.

SF Series

In-System SPI Flash Programmer for updating & developing code. Includes a user-friendly PC GUI for the control.

TP Host Adapter Series

The I2C & SPI host adapters support Flash Center EEPROM & Flashs via the supplied programme. Can program via socket or ISP.

K110 Series

The development programmer supports SPI Flashs, NOR / NAND & SPI EEPROMs & is suitable for online as well as offline programming.

NuProg Series

Universal programmer supporting a wide range of memory types including UFS, eMMC, MCU, CPLD, FPGA, SPI NOR / NAND & EEPROMs.

NuProg Plus Series

Universal gang programmer with 16 programming positions supporting EEPROM, Flash, MCU, eMMC, UFS.

ProgMaster series

ProgMaster is a universal gang programmer with ultra-high speed and eight programming positions supporting many IC families.

IC Selection Assistant

Find out in seconds whether your semiconductor component is supported by our tools. You only need the part number of your component.

Supported MCU families

Learn which microcontroller device families & manufacturers are supported & which programmer is right for you.