eVision Systems GmbH announces innovative PCIeGen3 and 4 protocol analyzer from Prodigy Technovations

PGY-PCIeGen3/4-PA PCIe Protocol Analyzer

Forstinning (Germany), October 09, 2022 – eVision Systems GmbH, the authorized distributor of Prodigy Technovations for Central Europe, announces the PGY-PCIeGen3/4-PA PCIe Protocol Analyzer, the 2.5, 5.0. 8.0 and 16GT/S speeds supported. The PCIeGen3/4 Protocol Analyzer can be used for the development and validation of PCIe interfaces for M.2, U.2 and embedded interfaces. Developers in mobile, automotive, and 5G networks can use this product to troubleshoot design issues in the protocol layers in PCIe. PGY-PCIeGen3/4-PA provides the industry’s best solution for simultaneous monitoring and decoding of PCIe traffic at 2.5 GT/S to 16 GT/s and supports protocol decoding and analysis of TS1, TS2, DLLP and TLP packets. The detailed LTSSM view helps developers see the PCIe state machine transitions.

PGY-PCIeGen3/4-PA software provides the industry’s best decoding and analysis of deep memory PCIe traffic, saving troubleshooting time. Developers can quickly select and view the desired parameter in the TS1, TS2, DLLP, or TLP package. Separate decode and analyze the view of configuration packets exchanged between root complex and endpoint. With multiple movable windows and the flexibility to directly display the desired package content, the current generation software GUI facilitates debugging design issues by flexibly showing and hiding columns. The LTSSM analysis in the software provides a graphical representation of the various protocol layer states along with substate information.

The PGY-PCIeGen3/4-PA Protocol Analyzer provides 64 GB of memory depth to capture x4 link traffic. PCIe Protocol Analyzer supports trigger on the content of protocol packets and if-then-else if multi-level trigger capability. This allows engineers to capture log details around trigger conditions and monitor the PCIe bus over a long period of time.


Key features of the PGY-PCIeGen3/4-PA PCIe Gen3/4 protocol analyzers

  • Simultaneous protocol analysis of 2.5, 5, 8 and 16GT/S protocol traffic
  • Acquisition memory management to capture log traffic with triggers, segmented memory, circular buffers and hardware filters
  • Responsive long acquisition analysis software with LTSSM view
  • Active M.2 and U.2 interposers as well as solder down and custom probing solutions
  • Simple and advanced trigger based on TS1, TS2, DLLP and TLP protocol Package content
  • Powerful search and filter capability

Further information on prices and availability is available at this contact:

Prodigy PGY-PCIeGen3/4-PA

The PGY-PCIeGen3/4-PA is a PCIe Protocol Analyzer that supports protocol analysis up to PCIe Gen4 speeds. PCIe design and test engineers can easily capture and record traces at 2.5, 5.0, 8, and 16 GT/s on a given event and get instant error reports at an affordable price.
Prodigy Technovations PCIe Protocol Analyzer

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