System specification

Requirements management

Complex requirements management systems such as DOORS are often used at the highest system level (aircraft, car, etc.). However, developers working at FPGA or ASIC level are faced with the challenge of reproducing this at the HDL level. It is precisely for this target group that ALDEC has created a solution in the form of the Spec-TRACER tool, which offers integration in DOORS and allows import from MS Word or Exel files.

Aldec SpecTRACER
eVision Sytems - Hardware Software Codesign

HW/SW Co-Design

Current System On Chip applications are based on the interaction of hardware and software. This results in some new requirements for the design and verification process in the development. We offer solutions for the design, verification and prototyping of systems containing hardware and software for the specification of registers, the automatic verification of registers, the co-simulation of hardware and software, as well as prototyping boards that allow rapid implementation of the systems.