Totalphase USB as a power distribution system

More and more companies decide to switch to the USB Type-C connector with the USB Power Delivery protocol. This applies not only to manufacturers of devices with USB or Display Port connections but also to power supply units. USB Power Delivery Version 3.0 has the potential to replace proprietary solutions and become the charging standard

Overview USB-PD profiles

The USB Power Delivery specification (USB PD) overcomes the current limitation in power delivery and transforms the USB into a bi-directional source that can also work as a sink. The maximum power is 100 W in profile 5. USB PD, USB 3.1 and USB-C are separate systems. They can be USB 3.1 compliant without meeting the USB-C or USB-PD specification.

USB Power Delivery Specification

The power supply and the end device negotiate the charging voltage, charging current and direction of the energy flow via the Control Channel (CC) of the USB-C connector and the end device then selects a suitable profile. Communication via the CC pins is part of the USB-PD, which means that a USB-C connector and an E-marker with a suitable charging profile are required at both ends of the cable for higher profiles. The ideal solution for developing and testing this protocol is Total Phase’s USB Power Delivery Analyzer. The device enables monitoring of the USB power supply.

USB Power Delivery Analyzer

By combining the USB Power Delivery Analyzer with Total Phase’s free Data Center™ software, you can protocol, monitor and decode power on the CC1 /CC2 pins (configuration channel) while simultaneously using the USB 2.0 and USB 3.1 (up to Gen2) data line.


  • Sniffing the power delivery connector on both control channel lines (CC1/CC2)
  • Message decoding, including power negotiation, alternate mode negotiation, VDM data display, etc.
  • Acquisition and display of PD 3.0 Extended Messages
  • Decoding the DisplayPort VDMs
  • Transparent interconnect on a USB Type-C port

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