eVision Systems announces the UFS 3.1 Protocol Analyzer from Prodigy Technovations

Forstinning (Germany), 08 May 2019 -eVision Systems GmbH, authorised Prodigy Technovations distributor for Central Europe has announced the PGY-UFS3.0-PA Universal Flash Storage Protocol Analyzer. The PGY-UFS3.0-PA supports design and test engineers in developing and validating UFS storage interfaces for 5G, mobile, automotive, IOT, AR/VR applications. Continuous streaming and decoding, powerful trigger capabilities and detailed analysis views provide unique insight into the UFS 2.1/3.1, UniPro® 1.61/1.8 and MPHY 3.0/4.0 protocol layers.

The UFS Protocol Analyzer PGY-UFS-PA has a USB3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet interface for connection to the computer. Unlimited and continuous log data can be recorded and stored on the computer’s hard disk.
The multilayer view in the PGY-UFS3.0-PA provides a complete overview of MPHY 3.0/4.0, UniPro® 1.61/1.8 and 2.1/3.1 protocol activity in a single GUI. This allows the user to easily correlate protocol activity between protocol layers and quickly troubleshoot the cause of protocol errors.

The Universal Flash Storage Protocol Analyzer also provides powerful hardware-based triggering capabilities to capture protocol activity on a defined event. The hardware-based algorithm calculates CRC values in real-time and can trigger CRC errors. Triggering on a UniPRO layer protocol packet or a faulty alignment can greatly reduce the time required for debugging.


Key Features of the PGY-UFS3.1-PA:

  • Supports MPHY version 3.1/4.1, UniPRO version 1.61/1.8 and UFS version 2.1/3.1
  • Supports PWM G1 to G7 and HS G1,2,3,4 A and B series
  • Supports one or two data lines (2 TX and 2 RX)
  • Captures very large amounts of data by continuously streaming log data to the host computer
  • The solder-down active probe provides high signal fidelity
  • Decoding on MPHY, UniPRO and UFS level
  • Triggering based on MPHY, UniPRO and UFS layer packet contents
  • Supports triggering at PWM and HS
  • Data rate speeds
  • Triggering a signal on a trigger event enables the triggering of other instruments, such as an oscilloscope.
  • USB3.0 or Gigabit Ethernet interface for connection to a computer
  • The hardware firmware can be updated via the Gigabit Ethernet interface. This allows an easy update of the FPGA firmware on site.
    Decoded data packets can be exported to a TXT file for further analysis
  • PGY Protocol Analyzer can also be used on-site due to its lightweight

Prices and availability

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UFS 3.1 Protocol Analyzer

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