Our wide range of measuring equipment always offers engineers and developers the right tool for almost any application. eVision Systems is a leader in protocol analysis and offers the right solution for every common storage and communication protocol.

Protocol Analyzer

for every common memory & communication protocol such as I2C, USB, SD etc.

Logic Analyzer

for embedded systems with & without protocol overlapping analysis.


or all common memory devices like EEPROMs, SPI Flash & Microcontrollers

Cable & USB Tester

for the careful qualification & verification of the specifications

Soldering technology

Soldering, hot air & rework stations for precise work.

Host Adapter

for physical connection like I2C, I3C, SPI, CAN from PC to target system.

JTAG Debugger

for debugging programming code for microcontrollers


für einfache bis komplexe Anwendungen mit 100 MHz bis 5 GHz Bandbreiten.

Spectrum analyzer

with vector analysis function & frequency ranges from 9 KHz to 7.5 GHZ

Battery Analyzer

Portable & Staionnary Battery Test Systems up to 1000V.

Measurement technology for automotive

Our automotive section deals with the problems of currently used technologies and presents suitable solutions for the prevailing problems.

Measurement technology for mobile technology

Find out what problems exist today in the development of mobile technology and what measurement & debugging solutions are available.