Free training licences for HDL for FPGA and ASIC developments

Sigasi Studio is the best tool for teaching and learning VHDL, Verilog and SystemVerilog. Students and professors have been telling us this for years. Sigasi Studio shortens the feedback cycle, students learn faster, trivial mistakes are avoided, and educators can focus on teaching the concepts of hardware design while Sigasi Studio helps write the right syntax and code.

The Sigasi staff were also students not so long ago. For this reason, training licences have always been offered free of charge since the first release in 2008. Sigasi has helped more than 1,200 educational institutions and sent out over 5,000 educational licences. Sigasi Studio is a must for all modern digital designers.

Students should get the best introduction to digital design and use the best tools during their education. For this reason, Sigasi has decided to improve its education programme even further.

Starting in September 2019, Sigasi will provide Sigasi Studio XPRT free of charge to all students and professors participating in our educational programme. With the XPRT version, the HDL code can be displayed graphically for better understanding. The rendering can also be used as documentation. We hope that this will help the students to reach goals faster and to find new innovative solutions.

Request your Sigasi Training XPRT Licence.

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