Video systems

Video Interfaces for Block Cameras

The AIVION Interface Boards (SDI, HDMI, USP3.0, Optical) convert the LVDS data of the AIVION, Sony and Tamron block cameras. The Full HD and 4K zoom camera blocks feature optical zoom up to 36x, Wide Dynamic Range and autofocus.
To enable the highest possible image quality even in difficult lighting conditions, the colour camera blocks have functions such as Auto ICR, Backlight Compensation, Highlight Compensation (HLC), Defog Mode and Advanced Noise Reduction. This makes the zoom camera blocks ideal for applications such as surgical lights, sewer inspection, low-vision systems, security, broadcast, drones and many more.

AIVION Video Interface Solutions

Video converter with small form factor

The very small AIVION converter models combine HDMI and SDI. They are the ideal solution when you have limited space, the commercial temperature range is not enough and power consumption is critical. They support all HD formats up to 1080p/60, with the highest quality signal processing and a video pipeline with high bit depth.

Fiber optic transmission for block cameras

Connections via optical fibre offer high speeds, are insensitive to electromagnetic interference, and there is no drop in performance as the length of the line increases. This makes them ideal for transmitting high-resolution video signals over long distances. The AIVION video modules offer this compact and flexible fiber-based 3G/HD-SDI transmission solution. The camera control unit (CCU) can be connected to the video interface via a serial interface. Full-duplex data transmission between the CCU and the camera is performed using bidirectional fiber optic technology. This allows digital video from the camera and remote control of the camera to be transmitted over a single fiber optic cable.

AIVION Optical Fibre