For qualification and reduction of development time due to unwanted errors, it is necessary to test prototypes & systems for function and compliance with specifications. We offer unique test solutions for many use cases.

Cable Testing & Qualification

With the Advanced Cable Tester, you can test a wide range of USB, HDMI and DVI cable types for compliance with standardised cable specifications. The test coverage ranges from 100% quality control to random testing in the laboratory.

Testing & debugging code for microcontrollers

By using the USB Multilink Universal FX, the user can use Background Debug Mode (BDM) to stop normal processor execution and control the processor via a PC The user can then directly control the execution of the target module, read and write register and memory values. This allows the debug code of the processor to be displayed on the PC. In addition, external memory devices can also be programmed.

Testing code by emulating an SPI flash

The Dediprog EM100Pro-G2 emulates the behaviour of all SPI Flash NORs on the market as well as those of the next generation. This makes code development and code updates easier and faster. The developer no longer has to remove, delete and reinstall the SPI flash every time he tests a code change.

Testing & debugging of USB functionalities

With the USB Power Delivery Test Kit, power supplies, cables & ICs can be tested for compliance with the specification. This makes it possible to access the power delivery data without encryption, which speeds up development and troubleshooting.

Um USB Designs zu Entwicklen und zu Debuggen ist der Beagle 5000 Protocol Analyzer das idaeale Werkzeug. Developers can use it to log data traffic on the USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 bus in real-time.



Testing of components through master / slave simulation

Host Adapter sind die idealen Werkzeuge, um elektronische Komponenten wie Sensoren zu testen. A suitable test environment is created in which functions can be tested and errors corrected.