Sigasi extends hardware description language support with SystemVerilog

Forstinning, 19. June 2017 – eVision Systems GmbH, the authorised distributor of Sigasi for D.A.CH, today announced the integration of SystemVerilog into Sigasi Studio. Sigasi Studio provides a powerful, intelligent HDL design environment that offers advanced programming support for hardware design teams.

Sigasi Studio 3.5 significantly increases the efficiency of FPGA and ASIC designers by providing intuitive support for creating, verifying and modifying digital circuits. As you type, Sigasi Studio marks the syntax errors so that they can be corrected immediately. Sigasi Studio’s ability to understand HDL languages supports advanced features such as intelligent auto-completion and code refactoring, making Verilog, VHDL and SystemVerilog description entry easier and more efficient than ever before. SystemVerilog’s pre-processor macros integration into Sigasi Studio was essential for UVM support and provided the user with an easier interface when working with macros in SystemVerilog. Thus, Sigasi Studio has become the indispensable next-generation intelligent development environment (IDE) for hardware designers.

“Sigasi Studio has supported Verilog and VHDL since 2008. The knowledge we gathered about these languages early on now allows us to integrate additional SystemVerilog functions into the existing tool,” said Hendrik Eeckhaut, Sigasi’s CTO. “SystemVerilog is a rich and complex design language. Designers must have a tool that understands the design context and outputs the errors and warnings as you write them. We look forward to providing our customers with this additional language support.”

Engineering design teams around the world used Sigasi Studio to accelerate their design programming. “The refactoring capabilities of Sigasi Studio are impressive,” said Adrie Diren of LMS Instruments, now Siemens. Finding and correcting bugs and warnings, context-sensitive search, code completion, encapsulation of modules and adding signals to source files has really reduced development time.”

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