eVision Systems Announces Revolutionary New Cross Protocol & Logic Analyser for Embedded Systems from Prodigy Technovations

– Simultaneous logic and protocol analysis of UART, SPI and I2C
– Cross Protocol Logic Analyzer debugs at circuit and system level
– Log activity with timestamp information

Forstinning (Germany), 01 December 2020 – eVision Systems GmbH, authorised Prodigy Technovations distributor for Central Europe, announces a revolutionary cross-protocol analyzer and logic analyser. The PGY-LA-EMBD enables engineers to troubleshoot timing issues while performing protocol analysis of I2C, SPI and UART interfaces in embedded designs. The Cross Protocol Analyzer is the industry’s first 1GS/s timing analysis, 100MHz state analysis-enabled 10-channel logic analyzer with simultaneous I2C, SPI and UART protocol analysis.

IOT, healthcare, consumer electronics, industrial automation are steadily driving the growth of embedded designs. Diese werden immer komplexer und bieten immer mehr Softwareinhalte, Edge-Computing und künstliche Intelligenz, um den immer höher werdenden Ansprüchen gerecht zu werden. The biggest challenge facing embedded design teams today is the high level of integration between hardware and software, i.e. system-level functions must also work properly.

There is a need to simultaneously monitor the embedded interfaces I2C, SPI and UART to observe the operation at the system level. Currently, however, developers have to use several test devices to check their design draft one after the other. This leads to longer design validation, verification and testing cycles. Integrating I2C, SPI and UART into a single application, the PGY-EMBD Cross Logic & Protocol Analyzer is the ideal tool for developing or debugging an embedded design.

Features of the PGY-LA-EMBD Cross Logic & Protocol Analyzer

• 10 channels with protocol and logic analysis function.
• 1GS / Sec. Timing (asynchronous) analysis. Enables glitch analysis of a 2ns glitch
• 100 MHz state analysis (synchronous)
• Simultaneous protocol analysis of UART, SPI and I2C
• Detailed trigger functions: Auto, Pattern, Protocol Aware (UART, SPI and I2C) and Timing (pulse width and delay)
• Intelligent streaming of log data to a computer via the USB3 interface
• Innovative user-friendly graphical user interface
• Error analysis of the protocol package
• Provides views for timing, waveform, listing and log listing
• Detailed filter function for protocol-decoded data
• PDF and CSV report format
• API support

Prices and availability

Information on prices and availability is available at this contact:

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