New Optical Single Link Video Transmission for Block Cameras

The TL7075/TL7076 transmitter-receiver combination, unique on the market, enables video transmission and camera control over a fibre optic line.

Munich, 23. September 2016 – Video interface specialist AIVION will present new single link transmission paths for fibre optic and coaxial cables at VISION 2016. These solutions allow video transmissions of the block cameras of up to 10 km. Here, the camera can be controlled from the receiving point via the optical fibre used for video transmission.

With the copper-based variant (standard 3G-SDI coaxial cable), the block camera and the interface can additionally be supplied with power from the receiver unit. Thus, only one cable is required for video transmission, camera control and power supply. The receiver units required for remote control and remote power supply are also offered.

AIVION’s other product portfolio of video interfaces for block cameras from AIVION, Sony and Tamron will also be on show at the exhibition. They are suitable for various applications in industry, medicine, broadcast and security.

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