A newly developed product is a special challenge for a company. As soon as the prototype is put into operation, crucial tests and checks have to be carried out and, as far as possible, all errors should be detected and eliminated. This includes, for example, flashing prototypes and series MCUs & ICs and establishing error-free communication between all system components.


HW-SW Co-Simulation


Depending on the system specification and development scope, important subsystems and peripherals must communicate without errors. In this context, classical communication protocols such as I2C or SPI can be challenging concerning implementing complex functions, as errors are difficult to detect. In addition to an oscilloscope, an optimal tool of choice is a protocol analyser that can record and decode the entire data traffic and isolate and determine errors with the help of pre-set triggers. eVision Systems offers the largest portfolio of protocol analysis solutions and covers all common bus communication and storage protocols.

Flashing SPI Flashs, EEPROMs and more

Since modern embedded systems contain microcontrollers as well as FPGAs and other memory components, additional tools are required for the commissioning of a prototype. The universal programmers offered by eVision Systems are ideal for addressing the growing diversity of memory variants. All common memory types are supported, including UFS, eMMC, MCU, CPLD, FPGA, SPI NOR, SPI NAND, Parallel NOR, Parallel NAND and EEPROMs.

HW-SW Co-Simulation
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Microcontroller code development

The Multilink device series is especially suitable for code development for microcontrollers, which can also program external flashes via MCUs. Der Multilink ist mit vielen IDEs wie Codewarrior, Keil, IAR kompatibel und ermöglicht das Zugreifen auf den integrierten Debug-Modus des MCU. Debug mode allows full control of processor operation, regardless of whether the processor has already been programmed. For example, a controlling application can access the memory from the CPU’s point of view. The Cyclone standalone programmers are ideal for series production.

Power supply

For the first commissioning of a prototype, the correct power supply is essential. Adjustable and programmable power supplies are ideal for this task. The SPS5000X programmable DC switch mode power supply series offers various output powers with single and multi-channel output configurations and constant power capabilities. The series includes 16 models with voltages up to 160 VDC, power ratings up to 1080W, and 3240W combined power.