AXI has become the most popular internal bus protocol with today’s FPGA and SoC FPGA designs. ALINT-PRO enables FPGA designers to extract, review and statically verify AXI bus interfaces. In addition, ALINT-PRO can assist with automatic generation of test harnesses for dynamic verification. For the dynamic verification of AXI connections, Aldec offers FPGA manufacturer-independent AXI bus function models (BFM) and the Riviera-PRO functional verification platform.

In this webinar, we will present AXI bus interface extraction and static verification with ALINT-PRO. Then, we will show how ALINT-PRO assists in test harness wrapper generation for dynamic verification with Riviera-PRO. Finally, we will show the usage of Aldec AXI BFM solution for dynamic interconnect verification.


  • Bus interfaces extraction
  • Bus interfaces static verification
  • Test harness development (script-based)
  • Aldec AXI BFM overview
  • Dynamic verification of AXI interconnect design using Aldec AXI BFM and Riviera-PRO
  • Live-Demo
  • Q&A

The most error prone FPGA corner cases

Cycle related corner cases are probably the worst and main reason for undetected bugs on many FPGAs. To explain this in a simple way, – a cycle related corner case is for instance if you have an event counter where the number of counted events is critical and you read and reset this counter at regular intervals.

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