Aldec Event Articles

FPGA Design – Verification Code, Functional and Specification Coverage

Functional coverage is often mentioned together with constrained-random verification, which is a great combination.

FPGA Verification Architecture Optimization with UVVM

How to make a simple, well-structured, and efficient testbench using the open-source Universal VHDL Verification Methodology (UVVM) architecture.

FPGA Design Architecture Optimization

The FPGA design architecture is the single most important and primary factor in achieving development efficiency, quality, and reliability. The difference between a good and a bad design architecture can be about 50% of the workload.

Using SVA for Requirements-Based Verification of Safety-Critical FPGA Designs

Thursday 10. March from 3.00 pm to 4.00pm Requirements-based verification (RBV) is a popular verification process for FPGA designs used in safety-critical systems. The effectiveness of RBV is limited by the quality and precision of the requirements. Verification...