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Effinix and Aldec Active-HDL promotion

Active-HDL Designer Edition Perpetual License – Request a quote! Active-HDL™ is a Windows® based, integrated FPGA Design Creation and Simulation solution for team-based environments.

What is a logic analyzer?

A logic analyzer is an electronic measurement device that captures and displays multiple signals from a digital design. It is an excellent tool for checking and debugging ICs, digital systems, circuits such as embedded systems, electronic control units, computers,...

The 10 biggest problems with the development using the I3C bus system

Developers of end devices and embedded systems, especially for use in IoT (Internet of Things), automotive and industrial automation, are faced with ever-increasing demands for low power consumption, data bandwidth, and miniaturization. To meet them, the embedded...

Specification Automation for Designers

Requirements for various project teams and various tasks in the System-on-Chip (SoC) development process: hardware design, simulation, formal verification, firmware coding, system-level validation, and more.