Sigasi Visual HDL

Sigasi Visual HDL (SVH™) is available in different, consecutive editions, each of which builds seamlessly on the previous one. Each edition uses industry standards to ensure you get the highest quality checks as you create your code, with specific language and standards support within the leading integrated development environment (VS Code) that frictionlessly incorporates tools like source control management (SCM), central repositories, gremlin tracking, bookmarks, and comment-based TODO lists.

Create in an environment that fully embraces the shift-left principle. Get type-time syntax and semantic checks; guardrails that enforce coding styles, policies, and standards; and instant feedback and warnings for any files associated with a project.

Moreover, Sigasi offers numerous ways to view a project, all updated in real-time (no need to save first) and with cross-probing. Move seamlessly through hierarchy views and graphics that update instantaneously as you make changes in your code.

Sigasi users who have a commercial license for our older products can seamlessly transition to SVH, just download it from the VS Code marketplace. Not ready to switch yet? You can find information about Sigasi Studio at the Legacy Section. Or talk to our sales team about your options.

Designer Edition

For the individual designer


  • Inspection
  • CodeAssist
  • ComplianceAssist
  • DesignAssist

Professional Edition (XPRT)

For the serious commercial designer


  • Verification
  • GraphicAssist
  • VerificationAssist
  • Everything from the Designer Edition

Enterprise Edition (Veresta)

For the entire team


  • TaskAssist
  • DocAssist
  • Everything from the Professional Edition
  • Everything from the Designer Edition

Sigasi Visual HDL Designer Edition – Overview of functions




  • Linting (DO-254)
  • VUnit


  • Hovers
  • Autocomplete
  • Semantic highlighting
  • Occurrence highlighting
  • (Quick) Outline
  • Progress reporting
  • Syntax errors
  • Structural selection
  • Open design unit
  • Goto implementation
  • (Ranged) Formatting/Indenting
  • Configurable formatting
  • Class hierarchy
  • Correct indentation
  • Whole project formatting


  • Signature helper
  • Semantic errors
  • Quick fixes
  • Rename refactoring
  • Net search
  • Template autocomplete
  • Preprocessor view

Sigasi Visual HDL Professional Edition – Overview of functions

Everything from the Designer Edition





  • Dependencies view
  • Block diagram view
  • State machine view
  • Documentation preview
  • Documentation generation


  • UVM Support

Sigasi Visual HDL Enterprise Edition – Overview of functions

Everything from the Professional Edition




  • CLI lint reporting
  • CLI dependency generation
  • CLI diagram generation


  • CLI documentation preview
  • CLI documentation generation