FPGA Videoboards

FPGA Video Interfaces for Block Cameras

The FPGA video boards convert the generic digital video stream from the block cameras into an HDMI, SDI, USB or analog (CVBS, YPbPr, HD-TVI) interface.
The boards support SD, HD, and 4K formats with excellent picture quality and small form factors.

Video Nano Converters

The AIVION converters are ideal for converting a 3G/HD-SDI signal into an HDMI signal or vice versa. They are ideal when space is limited, the commercial temperature range is insufficient, and power consumption is critical.

Fibre optic interface

The FPGA boards offer a compact and flexible fibre-based 3G/HD-SDI transmission solution. They can be connected to any block camera. It is used as an optical transmitter or optical receiver unit, and it provides copper-based 3G/HD-SDI and full HD HDMI inputs/outputs. Full duplex communication between the camera control unit and the camera is ensured by using bidirectional fibre optic technology. This allows digital video from any camera to be transmitted over long distances, with remote camera control possible via the same fibre optic cable.