Press-Release Articles

SHA850A first handheld spectrum & vector network analyzer

The new analyzer is highly integrated and specially designed for field operation. The device is handy and lightweight and has many useful analysis functions integrated.

Industry’s first electrical AC DC validation solution for SD cards and eMMC devices

PGY-SSM-EV-TesterForstinning (Germany), November 23, 2022 - eVision Systems GmbH, authorized Prodigy Technovations distributor for Central Europe, announced its PGY-SSM-EV-Tester SD, eMMC AC/DC Electrical Validation Tester for electrical characterization of SD card...

eVision Systems GmbH announces innovative PCIeGen3 and 4 protocol analyzer from Prodigy Technovations

PGY-PCIeGen3/4-PA PCIe Protocol AnalyzerForstinning (Germany), October 09, 2022 - eVision Systems GmbH, the authorized distributor of Prodigy Technovations for Central Europe, announces the PGY-PCIeGen3/4-PA PCIe Protocol Analyzer, the 2.5, 5.0. 8.0 and 16GT/S speeds...

Riviera-PRO supports OpenCPI for heterogeneous embedded computing

Aldec supports the Open Component Portability Infrastructure (OpenCPI) with the latest version of Riviera-PRO (version 2022.04).