UFS 4.0 Protocol Analysis and Validation - Webinar

UFS stands for Universal Flash Storage. These specifications are developed jointly by the MIPI Alliance and JEDEC. Over time, UFS has evolved to support data rates from 5.8 Gbps per lane up to 11.66 Gbps data rate. Now MIPI Alliance and JEDEC are working on UFS4.0 with a data rate of 23.2 Gbit/s per lane to enable new applications in 5G, automotive, gaming and augmented reality. Validation and debugging of the UFS4.0 protocol with the MPHY HSG5B specification of 23.2 Gbps data rate and low power consumption is challenging due to the signal characteristics of the PHY layer and the data rate

PGY-UFS 4.0-PA, UFS Protocol Analyzer is the industry-first working and tested UFS 4.0 Protocol Analyzer. It offers protocol data capture and debugs of data across MPHY, UniPro and UFS protocol layers. It allows for instantaneous decoding of UFS, UniPro and MPHY layers with the flexibility to correlate decoded data across these protocol layers. PGY-UFS 4.0-PA from Prodigy Technovationssupports PWMG1 to HSG5B data rates and two TX, two RX lane decode. The active probe has minimum electrical loading on device under test (DUT) and captures protocol data without affecting the performance of DUT.

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