Empyrean ALPS-GT™

GPU-Turbo Parallel SPICE

Agnisys IDesignSpec
Analogue design verification is essential in a demanding advanced node, but in post-layout simulation, it becomes increasingly time-consuming due to more complex device models, exponentially growing perturbation effects (parasitics) and many more sign-off corners.

It often takes months, or even longer, to run millions of statistical simulations. Conventional simulation and verification tools can no longer meet the development requirements of circuit design today.
The traditional SPICE simulator based on the CPU architecture cannot significantly improve the simulation performance due to the limitations of the CPU’s computing power and parallelism mechanism. A new architecture to address the simulation bottleneck is therefore urgently needed.

Empyrean ALPS-GT™ is a heterogeneous simulation system based on the CPU-GPU platform architecture. Compared to the CPU architecture, it offers more than 15 times the processing power and significantly improves performance with GPU Turbo Smart Matrix Solving (SMS-GT) technology.
It provides 100% SPICE accuracy and breaks the bottleneck in large-scale analogue circuit simulation performance, achieving a 10+X performance improvement over current CPU-based parallel SPICE for post-layout simulation.