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Empyrean Technology

Empyrean Technology is an EDA and services company founded in 2009 in the area of global semiconductors. Empyrean Software is a well-known technology supplier serving fabless semiconductor design houses and IDMs in Asia, North America and Europe with unique and world-class design solutions. In EDA, Empyrean Software provides analogue and mixed-signal IC design solutions, SoC design optimisation solutions, foundry EDA and flat panel display (FPD) design solutions, and delivers innovative and high-quality products for demanding node requirements.

Empyrean Software also offers EDA-related services such as IP design and Foundry Design Enablement Services. IP design includes IP licensing, customisation and design to specific requirements. The Foundry Design Enablement Service includes SPICE modelling and PDK, SRAM Test Chip, Cell Library and Memory Compiler development.

Empyrean is headquartered in Beijing and has major research and development centres in Nanjing, Chengdu, Shanghai and Shenzhen in China. Additional sales and support offices are located in Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and North America.